APSB Student Dress Code

Students are expected to be clean, neat, and dressed in good taste and are expected to groom in the same manner. Principals are authorized to make that determination. The only specifics imposed by the Avoyelles Parish School Board are:
1. Clothing, whether dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses, etc. must be appropriate for school wear, neat and unrevealing, and must conform to established restricted dress code standards.
2. The restricted dress code applies to all students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Pre K-6 students must wear navy blue bottoms and light blue tops with approved school logo. Logos are optional in grades Pre-K- 6th. Grades 7-12 students must wear khaki bottoms and school designated color shirts with approved school logo.
3. Any pullover must be a school approved color with the school logo. (Logos are optional in PK-6.) Outer garments may not be worn around the waist at any time. Only school approved logos are authorized for wear on all shirts/blouses and must be permanently attached to the shirt/blouse/pullover. Any pullover outer garment may not contain vulgar, obscene, alcohol, weapon related, or racial language/symbols.
4. Students may wear any jacket when weather dictates except for trench coats, dusters, knee length starter jackets or jackets
5. Pants must be slacks and legs shall not be rolled up at any time. Slacks and shorts may have
inside or outside pockets and must be hemmed. No cargo or watch pockets are allowed. No laced closures are allowed.
6. Jeans of any color and/or type are not allowed except on designated days for positive behavior and/or achievement. This includes all pants that have rivets. Jeggings, leggings and stretch pants are not allowed.
7. Bottoms with belt loops require the wearing of belts except Pre-K and Kindergarten.
8. Belts with no logos are to be worn. The entire length of the belt must be worn inside the loops. Hanging of any part of the belt and/or attachments outside the belt loops is not allowed. Belt buckles must be a permanent part of the belt.
9. Shirts and blouses must be tucked in at all times.
10. All shirts/blouses must have sleeves and collars.
11. If an undershirt is worn, it must be solid white or school approved color with no inscriptions, logos, pictures, etc. Exception: Approved school related undershirts are allowed.
12. Sagging pants cannot be worn to school.
13. All pants must be worn at waist level.
14. Socks or hose are required with all footwear.
15. Bellbottoms are allowed for wear unless they are jeans, and cannot be frayed at the bottom.
16. Transfers in and out of parish will be allowed five (5) school days to obtain proper dress code apparel relative to the school they attend.
17. Pullover/sock/knit/watch caps are allowed in the outdoor setting only. No logos are allowed. No other headgear is allowed. This includes but is not limited to: scarves, sweatbands, active wear caps and night caps for hair. (Headbands with a width not exceeding 1 ½ inches are allowed.)
18. Proper footwear must be worn at all times. Shoes must be worn appropriately at all times. The back of the shoe must have a strap. No beach shoes, shower clogs, rafting sandals, etc. with or without straps are allowed. Steel-toed footwear is not allowed except for an approved school activity. No crocs or slippers are allowed.
19. No visible vulgar, suggestive, obscene, or gang related tattoos are allowed.
20. No vests may be worn
21. Earrings, studs, or pins may be worn in the ear and nose only.
22. All neck ornaments/jewelry must be worn inside the collar, shirt, or blouse. No chains of any type are allowed.
23. Students in Grades K-12 are allowed to wear shorts. In Grades K-2, shorts may be worn no shorter than mid-thigh length. In grades 3-12, shorts must be no shorter than two (2) inches from the floor when measured in a kneeling position. The measurement will be taken by the principal or his/her designee. Shorts must be hemmed. No biker shorts are permitted for any student. Dress and skirt length requirements are the same as for shorts.
24. Identification cards will be worn on the upper front torso where name is visible at all times while on the school campus during the school day except during PE activity classes (High School Only). Students found in violation shall be disciplined in accordance with established policies and procedures. ID cards shall not be defaced and/or altered in any way. Violators will be required to purchase a replacement.
25. Each individual school may establish more specific dress code policies as long as it has been approved by the Superintendent and the school board. In such cases, students will be informed through printed handouts after having been approved by the board.
26. Artificial nails will not be allowed for students in grades PreK-6